CSS word-spacing – additional space between words

CSS property word-spacing indicates inter-word space in addition to the default space between words. Word spacing is also influenced by justification (see the text-align property)

CSS property word-spacing

CSS version: CSS 2.1
Value: normal | length | inherit
Initial: normal
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: yes

word-spacing values

normalThe normal inter-word space, as defined by the current font and/or the UA
lengthInter-word space in addition to the default space between words. It can be negative.

Example – word-spacing

div {width: 200px; background-color: lightgreen; margin: 4px;}

.normal {word-spacing: normal;}
.littleextra {word-spacing: 5px;}
.mediumextra {word-spacing: 10px;}

<div class="normal">normal word spacing</div>
<div class="littleextra">little extra word spacing</div>
<div class="mediumextra">medium extra word spacing</div>



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