WordPress themes for beginners worth considering

I have been looking at many free and paid wordpress themes since I started blogging. There are some pretty good themes out there for you to start. I’ll share my experience with theme in this article.

Some factors for choosing a theme

In my opinion, some considerations for choosing a theme are:

  1. Responsive themes are better as they look good on mobile devices as well. In case your blog is not targeted for mobile devices, you may ignore this criteria.
  2. Light themes are better from SEO perspective. Users like sites which loads fast and hence these are better for user experience and hence SEO.

Some themes worth considering

These are some themes I found worth considering:

  1. Portal theme by mythemeshop.com (demo). I also liked their Ribbon theme  (demo). These theme are free themes but mythemeshop has couple of paid themes also.
  2. Shell theme by themehybrid.com (demo). This is free theme and very lightweight. If you are a tech geek, you may like this theme.
  3. Canvas theme and currents theme (demo) by woothemes.com (both paid). woothemes is a big player in theme business and I believe you can expect good support from them.
  4. Lifestyle theme (demo) and news theme (demo) by studiopress. Studiopress is big in theme business and I believe you can expect good support from them.
  5. Couple of free themes at themeid.com. Themes here seems to be reasonably priced.
  6. Freshlife theme. The theme is around $49 (at the time of writing this blog) and you also get 2 bonus themes). Pretty neat theme.

Whatever theme you use, you may have to do some customization. If you are not a techie, you may want to buy themes from big players so that you get good support. If you have some css, html and php expertise, then you may want to use some light weight theme so that you can customize those as per you needs.

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