Benefits of using Amazon AWS – EC2

If you want to try out stuff as root which can potentially break you site, you are always scared of trying that on your main server. With Amazon AWS EC2, you can instantly provision a new instance, try out stuff and shut it down immediately. This gives us a lot of flexibility of trying out new installation without worrying about breaking the main server.

Amazon EC2 did not look very user friendly initially but after spending 2 days with it I was fairly comfortable with it.

Here are some reasons you should consider moving to AWS/EC2:

  1. Ability to have multiple small instances which can remain decoupled from others. This is useful to manage multiple software versions on different instances.
  2. Cost is much less as compared to dedicated hosting.
  3. Immediate scaling is not needed. You can add disk/instances whenever you need them.
  4. Amazon is known for scaling. So you are pretty much guaranteed to get best service at lowest price.
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