Mac tutorials and examples

Chrome how to view http headers

Chrome developer tools can be used to view browser HTTP request and response headers when browser loads a page or makes AJAX calls. Here are read more

Mac – how to change default location for screenshots

Mac screenshots are saved on Desktop by default. It can cause Desktop to get cluttered very fast. Here are the steps to change default screenshot read more

Mac – how to take screenshots

Mac supports full screen, window and a specific selection for taking screenshots. You can either store screenshot in a file on Desktop or in clipboard. read more

How to setup password less git push for github

You can use user and password based authentication to push git changes to GitHub. But it is cumbersome to type user and password with every read more

Mac VirtualBox – enable copy paster from/to Windows 10

If you are running Windows 10 inside VirtualBox, you may want to enable copy/paster from windows and vice versa. This tutorial should work on any read more

How to run windows 10 on Mac using VirtualBox

Windows 10 can be run in Mac using Virtualbox and Windows 10 OS trial image available from Microsoft’s site. Here are the steps to install read more

Mac – how to take timed screenshot

At times we need to take timed screenshots on Mac. Here are two approaches we can use to take timed screenshot on Mac. Screenshot using read more

Phantomjs – how to check what resources are being requested by a page

Phantomjs lets you add hooks when it fetches a web page. Here is code snippet which can be used to print all resources phantomjs fetches read more

Git – how to view diff for a given commit id

Diff commit id with its first parent commit id Here are some approaches to view diff between first parent of commit id and commit id. read more

How to disable dropbox photo auto upload on mobile and desktop

Dropbox automatically upload you photos from your Android mobile to Dropbox account. This is a fairly handy feature if you have limited number of photos. read more

How to clear Chrome HTTP 301 redirect cache

By default Chrome caches HTTP 301 redirect from one page to another. If you are using Chrome during a web site development and working on read more

git – how to diff two branches

It is sometimes useful to be able to diff two branches in git. This can be useful to understand the changes in a git repository read more

Android studio keyboard shortcuts for beginners

In case you are using Android studio for android app development, it a good idea to use keyboard shortcuts for various operations for increasing productivity. read more

How to remove password from pdf using Chrome

In case you want to remove password from a pdf there are multiple options. For automation command line tool qpdf is a good choice. In read more

How to add more DNS servers to Wi-Fi interface on Mac

When you are using WiFi or wired network using home broadband or mobile hotspot, you are assigned a default DNS server. It sometimes may be read more

How to transfer android apk using adb

Android debug bridge (adb) can be used to transfer an apk from mobile to computer over usb port. This can be useful when you are read more

How to download apk from mobile using AirDroid

Sometime we need to transfer the apk from android mobile to computer. This can be needed in case you wish to inspect the content of read more

How to view your WiFi password on Mac

Sometime we connect to a Wi-Fi on Mac and then later forget the password we entered earlier. It can be easily viewed on Mac if read more

How to view wifi connection speed on Mac

When you setup your wifi router and you mac is connected to it, you may want to know what is wifi link speed (the bandwidth read more

How to change computer display name on Mac

Display name on Mac device can decide how your Mac appears on network and at other places like command line shell. Mac display name can read more

Mac Finder – how to change default folder

Finder app on Mac when opened start with a default folder. Sometimes it opens “all my files” which takes somewhat long time to display. You read more

How to remove hard drive icon from mac desktop

Mac shows some icons by default on desktop including hard drive. In case you want to save space and keep desktop tidy, you can remove read more

How to change default chrome search engine

Its pretty convenient to search by directly typing a keyword in Google chrome address bar. You can set Google or some other search engine as read more

Mac – how to open apps not from App Store

By default security settings of Mac does not allow apps by unknown developers not downloaded from app store to be opened by double clicking on read more

haxe openfl on mac – quick start guide for mobile development

Haxe is a cross platform toolkit and supports cross compilation in many different languages. It is a pretty good choice for game and app development read more

How to zip/unzip a directory with password

Zip and unzip utility can be used to compress a file or directory on Mac. These should also work on Ubuntu or other Linux flavours. read more

How to install drupal on Mac usin MAMP

Drupal is an open source popular cms system powering millions of websites and applications. This article covers how to install Drupal on Mac using MAMP. read more

How to use exerciser monkey tool for android stress testing

Exerciser monkey tool can be used to generate pseudo-random streams of user events such as clicks, touches, gestures and system-level events. This can be used read more

Mongo – cli quick start guide

Using mongo cli utility can be handy way to query mongo db and automate few simple use cases. This article covers some handy commands which read more

Some handy linux gnu date commands

Using date command is pretty handy way to covert unix timestamp to string format and vice versa. This can also be used to print unix read more

Memcache – how to dump all keys and values on command line

Memcache is a very simple, distributed memory cache used widely with mysql and other databases. Often we want to inspect what is in memcache server read more

Python selenium webdriver – quick start guide on Mac

Selenium is an excellent tool which automates browsers. One of the commonly approach is to use Selenium webdriver which has API in many languages like Python, Java, etc. This read more

How to use phantomjs to create site/url snapshot thumbnail

PhantomJS in a scriptable webkit written by Ariya Hidayat. Chrome and Safari are based on webkit. This is the formal definition as per the official site: PhantomJS is read more

How to change default system voice for text-to-speech on Mac

Mac lets you convert text to speech and play it. It can be done in many applications (Chrome, Firefox and other browsers, textedit, etc.) by read more