SEO tutorials and examples

How to change twitter handle and its impact on traffic

Twitter allows you to change the twitter handle (or username) anytime. This option comes on account page (  as shown below.The new user has to read more

How to do keyword traffic research using adword

Adword is a great tool to do keyword research in addition to other functionalities it provides. It can be used to find searches for a read more

How to make best use of Alexa

Alexa is a powerful tool for getting high level insight into any website. It can be used to research websites related to a specific topic read more

How to migrate your site from one domain to another

Migrating a site from one domain to another can be a daunting task. But if we create a clear plan then it is a manageable task. read more

How to monitor 404 pages on your site

One of the main activity a webmaster has to perform is to monitor and fix 404 pages (not found pages) on the web sites. When read more

How to remove urls from Google index using webmaster tools

Many times you want to remove urls from google index. There can be many reasons for doing that. Some of the reasons are: A page read more

How to undo HTTP 301 site/domain redirect

In case you have moved a site to new domain and set all the HTTP 301 redirects (HTTP permanent redirects), then user who visits your read more

Verify a web site in google search console (webmaster tools)

Google provides extremely useful Search console (webmaster tools) to perform various activities and view stats of your web site. Here are some reasons why you read more

WordPress SEO – beginner guide

Most of the SEO (Search engine optimization) can be done with very little effort. Ideally speaking there should not be too much effort in SEO read more

Xml sitemap – quick introduction

Submitting an xml sitemap to Google webmaster tools is recommended way to get site urls indexed by Google. This helps google to reach various urls read more

www vs non-www domain which is better for your site?

I have been doing some research on whether to use www or not in domain of the urls of the site. If you setup wordpress read more