Mac tutorials and examples

Chrome enable webgl on old macbooks

Steps to enable WebGL on old MAcbook (e.g. later 2011) Visit chrome://settings and make sure under advanced settings > System > Use hardware available when read more

How to change computer display name on Mac

Display name on Mac device can decide how your Mac appears on network and at other places like command line shell. Mac display name can read more

How to change default system voice for text-to-speech on Mac

Mac lets you convert text to speech and play it. It can be done in many applications (Chrome, Firefox and other browsers, textedit, etc.) by read more

How to install drupal on Mac usin MAMP

Drupal is an open source popular cms system powering millions of websites and applications. This article covers how to install Drupal on Mac using MAMP. read more

How to remove hard drive icon from mac desktop

Mac shows some icons by default on desktop including hard drive. In case you want to save space and keep desktop tidy, you can remove read more

How to use rrdtool plot traffic from network interface

rrdtool open source tool is used to log time series data and create nice graphs form that data. Official information can be obtained from rrdtool‘s read more

How to view your WiFi password on Mac

Sometime we connect to a Wi-Fi on Mac and then later forget the password we entered earlier. It can be easily viewed on Mac if read more

Mac – how to change desktop icons size

Mac desktop icons size can be increased or decreased using Desktop view options. There are steps: Click anywhere on blank Desktop area. Click on View read more

Mac – how to take timed screenshot

At times we need to take timed screenshots on Mac. Here are two approaches we can use to take timed screenshot on Mac. Screenshot using read more

Mac – how to always show scroll bar

Mac by default show scroll bars automatically based on mouse pointer. This setting can be changed to always show scroll bars. Note that this settings read more

Mac – how to change default location for screenshots

Mac screenshots are saved on Desktop by default. It can cause Desktop to get cluttered very fast. Here are the steps to change default screenshot read more

Mac – how to open apps not from App Store

By default security settings of Mac does not allow apps by unknown developers not downloaded from app store to be opened by double clicking on read more

Mac – how to take screenshots

Mac supports full screen, window and a specific selection for taking screenshots. You can either store screenshot in a file on Desktop or in clipboard. read more

Mac – make spotlight search faster

Mac spotlight search is one of the most frequently used tool on Mac. It searches various folders on Mac and shows results. Here are steps read more

Mac – show volume icon on menu bar

To show volume icon on Mac top menu bar follow these steps: Open system preferences by using spoltlight search. Click on sound icon Select sound read more

Vagarant quick start guide on Mac

Vagrant is an excellent tool to create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments. Here is a quick start guide to use vagrant on read more