AWS & EC2 tutorials and examples

Benefits of using Amazon AWS – EC2

If you want to try out stuff as root which can potentially break you site, you are always scared of trying that on your main read more

How to fix a broken sudoers file on AWS/EC2 Linux

In case you are using Ubuntu or Amazon linux on Amazon EC2 and introduce a syntax error, you won’t be able to run any sudo read more

AWS EBS and reliability/durability

EBS stands for Elastic Block Store and it provides block level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EBS volumes are designed to be highly read more

Install Amazon EC2 api tools on Ubuntu Linux

Amazon EC2 api tools have fairly handy utilities to get information and perform various AWS tasks on your instance. Here are quick steps to install read more

How to install wordpress on Amazon AWS-EC2 Classic Ubuntu Linux micro instance

[Update: This post is applicable for Amazon classic infrastructure. Now you should use Amazon VPC infrastructure and steps may be slightly different. We’ll soon write read more

How to create Linux instance on Amazon AWS/EC2 Classic

[Update: This article is for Amazon classic. For Amazon VPC instructions may be slightly different] One has to make couple of choices while installing Linux read more

How to allow mysql access on AWS/EC2 from a specific IP

If you have mysql server on AWS EC2 instances, you may need remote access to mysql server form a specific IP. Note that if you read more

How to fix mysql service stopping intermittently on AWS micro instance

I was having this problem since last few days. My mysql server was getting killed on its own on aws/ec2 micro instance. So far I read more

Why and how to use Amazon route53 as DNS

Using Amazon route53 has a huge advantage that it offers a TTL of as low as 60 seconds. This means changing IP for your domain read more

How to upgrade EC2 Ubuntu Linux micro instance to small

I was running my wordpress site on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu micro instance and it was performing pretty good. Even though I did not see any read more

Traceroute outcome from Bangalore to AWS Virginia and California

I recently noticed that my site ( which was hosted on AWS North Virginia data center was very slow. I was accessing it from Airtel read more

Ssh automation on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Linux

When you create Amazon EC2 instance, you are given a RSA private key to access the instance. On Ubuntu Linux the key is for default read more