Node.js tutorials and examples

How to install node.js on Ubuntu Linux

Update node source $ curl -sL | sudo -E bash – Check which nodejs will be installed $ apt-cache policy nodejs nodejs: Installed: (none) read more

How to install node (node.js) on Mac

Installing node on Mac require brew (Homebrew). If you have not installed it, you can follow Brew installation guide. Here are the steps to install read more

NodeJS – npm beginner tutorial

Npm (Node package manager) is used to install/uninstall and manage node packages. Here are some common commands when using npm on command line on Linux read more

Debug javascript using node-inspector, node-debug, nodemon and Chrome

In case you are using node to run javascript on command line, you can use Chrome to debug javascript. It support GUI debugger functionalities like read more

node – how to find source file location of a module

To find the file location for a node module require(‘module’)._resolveFilename can be used. Here is quick code snippet and its outcome. file = require(‘module’)._resolveFilename(‘react’) console.log(“react read more

node – how to find version of installed package

To find the version of a node package one can use npm list (optionally -g for global). Another option is to use javascript code and read more

How to use pm2 to manage node.js application in production

PM2 can be used to manage and run application in production. For this article we are going to use Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. But it should read more

NestJS Quick start tutorial on Mac

Quick start tutorial steps for installing NestJS: Install Node on Mac Install NestJSnpm i -g @nestjs/cli Create new nest projectnest new proj1 To create a read more

NextJS Quick start tutorial on Mac

Quick start tutorial steps for installing NextJS: Install Node on Mac Create NextJS projectnpx create-next-app@latest –javascript(We can name it proj1) Run the app in dev read more

node – how to fix cannot find module error

Node script when run in limited environment (e.g. php exe, cron, etc.) can throw cannot find module error. The error may look like this: throw read more