Android development tutorials

Android – Show top processes using adb

To show top 5 processes by cpu $ adb shell top -m 5 -s cpu Sample outcome User 16%, System 3%, IOW 0%, IRQ 0% read more

Android studio keyboard shortcuts for beginners

In case you are using Android studio for android app development, it a good idea to use keyboard shortcuts for various operations for increasing productivity. read more

How to disable sleep during android usb debugging

If you are using android mobile phone for usb android development and debugging, it may be quite annoying to see it going to sleep mode read more

How to download apk from mobile using AirDroid

Sometime we need to transfer the apk from android mobile to computer. This can be needed in case you wish to inspect the content of read more

How to enable usb debugging on android

Debugging on Android phone requires USB debugging to be enabled on Android. This lets you install apk through USB and also run adb shell on read more

How to use exerciser monkey tool for android stress testing

Exerciser monkey tool can be used to generate pseudo-random streams of user events such as clicks, touches, gestures and system-level events. This can be used read more

Find top processes by memory/cpu on Android using Adb

This article will cover steps to find top processes by memory/cpu on Android using Adb. We will use pixel-2 for this article. But any other read more

Find used ports by an app on Android using Adb

This article will cover steps to find used ports (on destination side) by an app on Android using adb command. We will use pixel-2 for read more

Install Android 8 on Pixel 2

This article will cover steps to install Android 8 on Pixel 2. The similar steps can also be used to install other Android versions in read more

Root Android pixel 2 using Magisk and boot image patching

Steps to root an Android Pixel 2 phone using Magisk and boot.img patching. Unlock bootloader Enable debug mode in Android if not done already Reboot read more

How to transfer android apk using adb

Android debug bridge (adb) can be used to transfer an apk from mobile to computer over usb port. This can be useful when you are read more

Using Google analytics SDK v2 for android app real time tracking

When I used Google analytics SDK v2 for mobile android app, I was pretty impressed with it. With very little code I was able to read more

How to view desktop site from android mobile

Sometime we need to view desktop version of a web site from Android mobile phone. This may be useful to see how Desktop site looks. read more

adb – android debug bridge – quick tutorial

adb (android debug bridge) is a command line tool which lets you communicate with your usb connected android devices or android emulators. Here are some read more