Ubuntu – check if a service is upstart based

Ubuntu Linux (version 14) uses upstart to manage processes. But not all services are converted to upstart. Some are using sysv init. Also note that upstart itself is deprecated in Ubuntu 15 in favour of Systemd.

List all jobs based on upstart

Upstart jobs have config file in /etc/init/. So to list all upstart jobs, we can run:

$ ls /etc/init/*.conf

Note that mysql, docker, etc. uses upstart.

Using status command to find is service is upstart based

status command is part of upstart package on Ubuntu Linux. We can use dpkg -S to validate it.

$ dpkg -S /sbin/status
upstart: /sbin/status

It (status command) can be used to check status of a service. It will show error in case of non upstart based service.

## mysql upstart based. So a valid outcome will come
$ sudo status mysql
mysql start/running, process 1245

## apache is not upstart based. So unknown job message
$ sudo status apache2
status: Unknown job: apache2

Also note that mysql upstart job file is at /etc/init/mysql.conf. There is no upstart job file for apache2 in /etc/init/.

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