July 2015

Ngrep – quick start guide

Ngrep is similar to tcpdump with ability to look for regex search in packets playload and show matching packets to screen. This can be very read more

Some handy linux gnu date commands

Using date command is pretty handy way to covert unix timestamp to string format and vice versa. This can also be used to print unix read more

Linux screen – quick start guide

When working on remote Linux terminals its a good idea to use screen manager as it will protect your session from disconnection. Here are some read more

Memcache – how to dump all keys and values on command line

Memcache is a very simple, distributed memory cache used widely with mysql and other databases. Often we want to inspect what is in memcache server read more

How to use pm2 to manage node.js application in production

PM2 can be used to manage and run application in production. For this article we are going to use Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. But it should read more

redis cli quick start tutorial

Redis is a fast key value cache and store. It is useful to get familiar with some handy redis command line interface (cli) commands. Here read more