String Utilities

Ascii printable characters

ASCII printable characters – octal, hexadecimal, decimal values of printable ascii characters. printable ascii characters

Online characters, words and lines count

Enter the text below to count total number of chars, words, lines, spaces, and non ascii chars. Text: Characters count Words count Total lines Space read more

Online hex to string decoder

This online convertor can be used to decode hex encoded format to original string text. 2 hex chars in input get converted to 1 original read more

Online string to hex encoder

This online convertor can be used to encode string text to hex format. Each text char gets converted to 2 hex characters. Also see Online read more

Url encode decode online tool

To encode url/uri text enter it in Decoded textbox and encoded value will appear in other textbox. To decode url/uri text enter it in Encoded read more