Google feedburner email subscription vs Mailchimp

Google feedburner offers an email subscription to your feeds. So far I was using that. Mailchimp is one of the most popular email list management and newsletter campaign service in the market. I did some research on these tools. Here are some comparisons about these two services.

  1. Easy of setup: Google feedburner setup is very easy and can be done in few minutes. Mailchimp ui setup is little more complex which involves setting up templates etc.
  2. CAPTCHA: Google feedburner has captcha in subscription form. Default Mailchimp form does not have that. I think when you don’t have too many subscribers and traffic, its better to not use any CAPTCHA as it is barrier to sign up.
  3. Feed delivery: Feedburner delivers mail daily which can be a problem for most bloggers. It is the main reason I had to explore switching to Mailchimp. Often a weekly newsletter is more desired choice. Mailchimp offer better delivery customization options (daily, weekly, etc.)
  4. Templates: Google feedburner does not give too much customization. You can only add a logo. But too much customization can also be a pain. Feedburner’s default template is pretty good. For advanced bloggers, they may prefer Mailchimp for its template customization capabilities.
  5. Price: Google feedburner is free service. Mailchimp is free for upto 2000 subscribers.


Verdict: For advanced bloggers its better to go with Mailchimp. For beginners I would suggest using Google feedburners as it provides all basic functionalities, is free and super easy to setup.

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