Email marketing Tutorials

Mailchimp lightweight subscription form code

If you are using mailchimp for managing your newsletter campaigns, then you can either use a link to mailchimp site or use subscription form directly read more

How to setup MailChimp Rss email campaign

MailChimp can be used to setup email campaign and send a regular email newsletter to all the email address in a list. Most common use read more

How to setup MailChimp email list

MailChimp is very popular tool to manage email campaigns/newsletters. The first step in setting up any campaign or newsletter is to create an email list read more

Google feedburner email subscription vs Mailchimp

Google feedburner offers an email subscription to your feeds. So far I was using that. Mailchimp is one of the most popular email list management read more

How to setup Google feedburner email subscription newsletter

If you are using Google feedburner for rss feeds, you can setup feedburner email subscription newsletter within few minutes. I have been using it for quite read more