February 2013

How to write custom css in wordpress

Sometimes we need to override some existing css or write some new custom css for the wordpress blog site. This can be pretty handy for read more

Using ssh sftp updater support for updating wordpress plugins and themes

The plugin (SSH SFTP updater support) is pretty handy to update wordpress plugins and themes using ssh specially if you use private ssh key to read more

How to use nc (netcat) to print headers sent by a browser

Unix utility nc (netcat) is a pretty handy utility for many network tasks. One such use is to see what headers are being sent by read more

How to connect to mysql server using ssh port forwarding

When mysql server is hosted on a cloud environment like amazon aws/ec2 or rackspace, connecting to it using mysql GUI tools may not be possible without read more

How to migrate wordpress from root to sub directory

Migrating wordpress from root to subdirectory is not a difficult task but should be done carefully. Here are the steps which can be followed. Terminology read more

Using Google analytics SDK v2 for android app real time tracking

When I used Google analytics SDK v2 for mobile android app, I was pretty impressed with it. With very little code I was able to read more

Using robotexclusionrulesparser python module to parse robots.txt and crawl a site

Here is a small code snippet to demonstrate how to parse robots.txt and crawl a web page in python using robotexclusionrulesparser module url = “http://www.foo.com/bar” read more