Wordpress beginner Tutorials

Getting started with wordpress and some useful plugins

There are multiple ways to install wordpress. I won’t go into that here. You can get some installation information here. Once you set it up read more

How to add tag and category to wordpress pages

Using wordpress tag and category is a handy way to browse various posts by tag name. WordPress supports browsing all posts for a specific tag read more

How to become Google verified author of your wordpress blog using Google+ profile

[Update: Authorship is no longer supported by google. You may also want to visit Google rich snippet documentation.] Google displays author information in search results read more

How to handle permanent redirects in wordpress

There are multiple options available to handle redirects in wordpress. A redirect is a way to tell the users and search engines that a page read more

How to write custom css in wordpress

Sometimes we need to override some existing css or write some new custom css for the wordpress blog site. This can be pretty handy for read more

Using ssh sftp updater support for updating wordpress plugins and themes

The plugin (SSH SFTP updater support) is pretty handy to update wordpress plugins and themes using ssh specially if you use private ssh key to read more

WordPress – how to display code from a file in textarea

Using textarea in wordpress can cause lot of issues as wordpress automatically converts newlines to line-break (<br>) and paragraph (<p>) tags. Often switching from text to read more

WordPress – how to make a post sticky on home page

In wordpress you can make any post sticky and make it appear on home page at top even when there is more recent posts. Here read more

WordPress themes for beginners worth considering

I have been looking at many free and paid wordpress themes since I started blogging. There are some pretty good themes out there for you read more