August 2015

How to add a user on Linux with sudo access

Sometime we need to add a user on Linux environment from command line or from a shell/bash script and give it sudo access. Linux has read more

How to fix a broken sudoers file on AWS/EC2 Linux

In case you are using Ubuntu or Amazon linux on Amazon EC2 and introduce a syntax error, you won’t be able to run any sudo read more

How to install drupal on Mac usin MAMP

Drupal is an open source popular cms system powering millions of websites and applications. This article covers how to install Drupal on Mac using MAMP. read more

How to use exerciser monkey tool for android stress testing

Exerciser monkey tool can be used to generate pseudo-random streams of user events such as clicks, touches, gestures and system-level events. This can be used read more

How to use rrdtool plot traffic from network interface

rrdtool open source tool is used to log time series data and create nice graphs form that data. Official information can be obtained from rrdtool‘s read more

NFS client and server handy commands

In case you are using NFS server, here are some handy commands you can use while working in production. These were tested in Ubuntu Linux. read more

Mongo – cli quick start guide

Using mongo cli utility can be handy way to query mongo db and automate few simple use cases. This article covers some handy commands which read more