Devops Interview Questions

Can ssh keys generated as one user be used as a different user

Ssh keys are generated in pair and are valid as a pair. These are not tied to any user. Sometimes user info goes into the read more

Bash – how to use functions – quick tutorial

Using functions in bash is fairly useful to organise and reuse code. Here is quick beginner tutorial with examples on using bash functions. Declaring functions read more

Can global variables be modified in bash function?

Global variables can be accessed in bash function without declaring anything and when these are modified the behaviour depend on whether function is called in read more

How to fix a broken sudoers file on AWS/EC2 Linux

In case you are using Ubuntu or Amazon linux on Amazon EC2 and introduce a syntax error, you won’t be able to run any sudo read more

How to allow mysql access on AWS/EC2 from a specific IP

If you have mysql server on AWS EC2 instances, you may need remote access to mysql server form a specific IP. Note that if you read more