Online characters, words and lines count

Enter the text below to count total number of chars, words, lines, spaces, and non ascii chars.


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How are carriage return and newline being handled in counting lines

These are few cases:

Line\r\nLine Two lines
Line\rLine Two lines
Line\nLine Two lines
Line\n\nLine Three lines

Notes on Character, words and non-ascii char count

  1. Char count considers all characters including carriage return (\r) and newline (\n) (both separately).
  2. For counting words, whitespace char is used as word boundary (newline, space, tab, etc.
  3. For counting lines, \r or \n or both together are treated in same way. So this tool can handle windows/dos files also.
  4. Space count only counts spaces (not tabs, etc.)
  5. Other whitespace count includes all non-space whitespace character count.