Chrome Tutorials

Chrome memory usage – some tips to keep it under control

Google Chrome browser can take lot of computer memory specially when lots of tabs are used. To be able to use Chrome best it is read more

Chrome – remove an accepted certificate

Steps to remove an accepted certificate (e.g. a self signed certificate) from Chrome browser. Click on Chrome settings. On settings page click on advanced settings read more

Chrome – disable notifications from a site accepted earlier

In case you have accepted to get notifications from a site, it can be disabled later. These are the steps Click on Chrome settings from read more

How to remove password from pdf using Chrome

In case you want to remove password from a pdf there are multiple options. For automation command line tool qpdf is a good choice. In read more

How to change default chrome search engine

Its pretty convenient to search by directly typing a keyword in Google chrome address bar. You can set Google or some other search engine as read more