CSS Pseudo Elements

CSS selector specificity

When two selectors have same style, then one with higher specificity wins. In case they have same specificity, the one which come later, wins. Specificity read more

CSS ::first-letter pseudo element

The ::first-letter pseudo-element represents the first letter of an element, if it is not preceded by any other content (img, or inline tables). If an read more

CSS ::first-line pseudo element

The ::first-line pseudo-element describes the contents of the first formatted line of an element. Example – ::first-line

CSS placeholder style

CSS input and textarea ::placeholder pseudo element can be used to add a placeholder text in input element. The text is set using input element read more

CSS ::before and ::after examples

CSS pseudo element ::before and ::after (CSS 2 syntax :before and :after) can be used to place some content before or after an element. Most read more

CSS – use :before to add heading to a div

Css pseudo element/selector :before can be used to prepend some content before an element using a class or any other selector. This can be pretty handy read more