Mac Finder Tutorials

Mac finder – change search default folder to current folder

If you frequently use Finder on Mac to search stuff, you will find if handy to change default search to use current folder instead of read more

Mac Finder – how to change default folder

Finder app on Mac when opened start with a default folder. Sometimes it opens “all my files” which takes somewhat long time to display. You read more

Mac – open Finder from terminal – quick tip

Often we want to open Finder window when we are working on Terminal. Here are few scenarios to open Finder window from command line terminal read more

How to search files by name in Mac Finder

Mac finder can be used to find files on Mac or in a specific folder. By default search is done on file contents. Sometimes we read more

Mac Finder – how to search system hidden files

System files are hidden on Mac and they don’t show up in Finder search results by default. In case you end up searching stuff which read more