Python Selenium tutorials and Examples

Selenium Phantomjs – check browser errors using pytest

Checking browser errors (including Javascript errors) is an important use case in testing a website. Javascript errors are hard to QA and can cause bad read more

Python selenium – print browser log (including javascript errors) with phantomjs

It is useful to find out javascript errors in a page automatically. This can help in site quality test automation. Here is selenium code snippet read more

Python selenium – execute javascript code

Selenium code in python can execute custom Javascript and also return values from webdriver (PhantomJS, Firefox, Chrome. etc.) context. Here is sample code which counts read more

Python pytest – using selenium with PhantomJS

Here is quick tutorial to use python selenium with PhantomJS as driver. We will fetch a page and assert that page title has certain keyword. read more

Python selenium webdriver – quick start guide on Mac

Selenium is an excellent tool which automates browsers. One of the commonly approach is to use Selenium webdriver which has API in many languages like Python, Java, etc. This read more