Svn tutorials and examples

Svn – how to diff last committed change

To see the diff of last committed change follow these steps: Find last revision id $ svn update $ svn log -l 1 r4546 | read more

Svn – how to edit log message for a committed change

Command to edit a committed revision Example command for revision r4448 $ svn propedit svn:log –revprop -r r4448 hook setup for allowing editing log message read more

Svn – how to make file executable on Linux

To make a file executable in svn on Linux, it property svn:executable has to be set as ON. $ svn propset svn:executable ON $ read more

How to recover svn lost password on Linux

If you are using simple web auth to connect to svn server, you can choose to store it at client side. This way you don’t read more

Svn – short diff without context

Using svn command line option Use the following diff command to avoid diff context $ svn diff –diff-cmd=diff -x -U0 Option -x passes option -U0 read more

Svn log of all files in a directory

Sometime we need to see svn log of all files in a directory (including all files in all its subdirectories). Here are some approaches. Using read more

How to do svn log of entire repository

svn log can be used to show the log messages for a set of revision(s) and/or path(s). Here are some ways to do svn log read more

svn – how to undo last commit

Often we need to undo our last commit or an old recent commit in svn. These are quick steps you can follow to undo last read more

Svn – how to view older version of a file

Sometime we need to view an older version of a file in SVN. Here are two approaches which can be used. Using svn cat To read more