Vim tutorials and examples

Vim – how to change current character case to uppercase or lowercase

It is often required to toggle the case of current character in Vim. Vim has lot of other powerful commands related to changing case of read more

Vim – how to go back to last edited line/context

Sometimes we are editing a certain section of code in vi and then navigate to different section for reference. It is tedious to come back read more

Vim – highlight and move to matching bracket

To find and move to matching bracket (curly, square or round) use the following command inside vim once you are in one of the brackets. read more

Vim (vi) – multiline search replace with confirmation

Vi (or Vim) is a very powerful and light weight editor which is available on any Linux or Mac. Even if you are working on read more

How to open vim at previous location

Vi (or Vim) editor can remember location at the time of exiting a file. This can be fairly convenient while editing files during development. .vimrc read more

Vim mini cheat sheet – handy commands reference

I use vi quite frequently (Ubuntu/Centos Linux and Mac) for many of my editing needs in addition of couple of other editors (eclipse, intellij, etc). read more

Vim redo (undo of last undo)

In case there are two many undo done, vi (vim) redo can be used. One redo in vi Approach 1 [ESC] + [CTR] + r read more

Vim – show line numbers

Vim can show and hide line numbers in editor. Here are Vim commands for it. Show line numbers in vim After [ESC] enter the following read more