Windows 10 Tutorials

Top 5 Free Screen Recorder Software For Windows 10

There are many choices available for free screen recorders that can serve your purpose, whether to record a session for YouTube channel or to create read more

Mac VirtualBox – enable copy paster from/to Windows 10

If you are running Windows 10 inside VirtualBox, you may want to enable copy/paster from windows and vice versa. This tutorial should work on any read more

How to run windows 10 on Mac using VirtualBox

Windows 10 can be run in Mac using Virtualbox and Windows 10 OS trial image available from Microsoft’s site. Here are the steps to install read more

How to enable telnet program on Windows 10

Windows does not have telnet program enabled by default. Telnet is a handy tool to check if a port is up or not at any read more

How to run a program as administrator on windows 10

Sometime we need to run a program as administrator to be able to perform root privileged tasks. e.g. Editing the windows hosts file is only read more