Youtube Tutorials

How to create and embed youtube playlist

YouTube has pretty nice playlist feature with lots of powerful options. You can add multiple videos to a list and play them together on YouTube read more

How to create youtube video link from a specific start time

Youtube video link looks something like this: and when you open it in any browser, it starts from the beginning. Youtube also lets you create a read more

How embed youtube video slice (specific start and end time)

Youtube iframe video embed code can be used to embed a slice of a video using extra parameters start and end. These are the steps read more

How to enable youtube monetization and link to adsense account

YouTube has a partner program where video creators can monetize their videos using google monetization program. Your videos must adhere to Google guidelines and should read more

How to upload closed captions for your youtube video

YouTube automatically generates caption for the video a publisher has uploaded on YouTube. But these captions may not be very good depending upon the accent read more

How to create vanity url for your channel in youtube

[Update: March 2016] This article is based on old YouTube UI/policies. For latest documentation, please visit Get a custom channel for your channel. These are read more