SEO tutorials and examples

How to resubmit robots.txt to Google

An error in robots.txt can cause Google to stop crawling a section of your site. In such case it is good to update and resubmit read more

Mysql query to find all yoast meta description

In case you are are using Yoast plugin for SEO and using it to enter meta post description, you can query meta descriptions of all read more

How to customize wordpress image alt tag

In case you want to beautify image alt tag for all your wordpress posts, you can use filter hook the_content. Attach a filter function to read more

How to do keyword traffic research using adword

Adword is a great tool to do keyword research in addition to other functionalities it provides. It can be used to find searches for a read more

Meta robot noindex, follow for wordpress tags and category pages

In case you want search engines to either not index or not follow links on a page, you can use robot meta tag. The default read more

WordPress SEO – beginner guide

Most of the SEO (Search engine optimization) can be done with very little effort. Ideally speaking there should not be too much effort in SEO read more

How to Preload cache in wordpress on Linux

I’m using memcache with w3c total cache plugin to cache pages on my wordpress site on Ubuntu Linux. The way it works is whenever someone read more

How to become Google verified author of your wordpress blog using Google+ profile

[Update: Authorship is no longer supported by google. You may also want to visit Google rich snippet documentation.] Google displays author information in search results read more

How to make best use of Alexa

Alexa is a powerful tool for getting high level insight into any website. It can be used to research websites related to a specific topic read more

Should I block Googlebot from crawling javascript and css?

I noticed that google bot is crawling javascript and css regularly from by wordpress blog site. Here are some entries from my apache log: read more

www vs non-www domain which is better for your site?

I have been doing some research on whether to use www or not in domain of the urls of the site. If you setup wordpress read more

How to prevent your test blog from google crawling but show adsense ads

I guess most of us maintain a test or sandbox blog to try out new plugins and do experiments which we can’t afford on main read more

How to change twitter handle and its impact on traffic

Twitter allows you to change the twitter handle (or username) anytime. This option comes on account page (  as shown below.The new user has to read more