mod_rewrite - RewiteRule Tutorials and Examples

Apache – list loaded modules on Ubuntu

To list loaded module in Apache on Ubuntu linux, command line tool apachectl can be used. Here is an example. $ apachectl -M Loaded Modules: read more

Apache – how to remove php extension from url

Remove php extension from a specific url To remove php extension from a url (e.g. /foo/bar.php) the following Apache rewrite rule can be used: RewriteRule read more

Block directory access using htaccess 404

RewriteRule in Apache .htaccess is a convenient way to block directory access to a directory in your Apache document root. This can be useful to read more

How to redirect wordpress feed to feedburner feed url

If you have been using wordpress for directly serving rss feed and have recently migrated to feedburner, then some of your users are still being read more

How to migrate your site from one domain to another

Migrating a site from one domain to another can be a daunting task. But if we create a clear plan then it is a manageable task. read more

How to remove urls from Google index using webmaster tools

Many times you want to remove urls from google index. There can be many reasons for doing that. Some of the reasons are: A page read more

How to handle permanent redirects in wordpress

There are multiple options available to handle redirects in wordpress. A redirect is a way to tell the users and search engines that a page read more