July 2013

Alexa rank – how reliable is it?

Alexa provides a global and country specific site rank for a web site. For a country site rank, the site needs to have significant traffic read more

Xml sitemap – quick introduction

Submitting an xml sitemap to Google webmaster tools is recommended way to get site urls indexed by Google. This helps google to reach various urls read more

Mac command line utility open – some handy tips for better productivity

Mac command line utility open can be use to open files, folders, etc. It is pretty handy if you use terminal quite often on mac. read more

PhantomJS – find all fonts-families on a web page

PhantomJS (Headless browser javascript library based on webkit) can be used to find the font-families used on a website page using jQuery. This can be read more

How to install and run Chrome PageSpeed insights for measuring site performance

Page speed insight is a browser extension (Chrome and Firefox) which can be used to measure a website performance. It is an indispensable tool if read more

how to debug javascript in Chrome

Chrome developer tools can be used to debug javascript by inserting break point in the javascript code. This is pretty handy to not only debug read more

Php preg_match_all – test online

preg_match_all usage PHP regular expression match $retval = preg_match_all($pattern, $content [, array &$matches [, int $flags = 0 [, int $offset = 0]]]) (this page read more

How to convert HTML canvas to png image using javascript

HTML canvas element (HTML5) be used to draw 2D shapes using Javascript. Once a shape is drawn, it can also be converted to an image read more

view event handlers in Chrome

Chrome developer tools can be used to view event handlers/listeners on any element in an html page. This is pretty handy to quickly view event read more

Php preg_match – test online

preg_match usage PHP regular expression match $retval = preg_match($pattern, $content [, array &$matches [, int $flags = 0 [, int $offset = 0]]]) (this page read more

jQuery jsonp and cross domain ajax

JSONP or “JSON with padding” provides a method to request data from a server having a different domain. Typical web browser prohibit cross domain request due to same read more

Requirejs – quickstart guide for beginners

RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader. It can be used in browsers and other javascript environments like Node. This article is intended as read more

viewport and media queries for mobile browsers – quick introduction

Html meta tag viewport should be set to appropriate value for responsive web sites. Viewport content values like width define how the site will render read more