September 2015

Bulk convert jpeg files to png using sips on mac

mac sips (scriptable image processing system) is a very handy tool to convert image from one format to another. This can also be used to read more

mac pkgutil – quick start guide

pkgutil can be used to query Mac OS X Installer packages on Mac. This can be useful to get information about various packages and files. read more

Android chrome – create website bookmark on home screen

Opening a site by typing complete url can be pretty painful on a mobile device. On android it is pretty handy to create a website read more

Command line – run python webserver

Sometime we need to run a quick static webserver which can serve various files in a directory. This can be pretty handy to serve html read more

haxe openfl on mac – quick start guide for mobile development

Haxe is a cross platform toolkit and supports cross compilation in many different languages. It is a pretty good choice for game and app development read more

Convert mp3 to ogg on Mac using ffmpeg

Sometimes we need to convert mp3 files to ogg files. Ogg is an open format and produces fairly small size files. Here are the instructions read more

adb – android debug bridge – quick tutorial

adb (android debug bridge) is a command line tool which lets you communicate with your usb connected android devices or android emulators. Here are some read more

How to join multiple pdf files on Mac

Sometimes we need to combine multiple pdf files in one pdf file. This means the combined pdf will have pages from the first files and read more

How to upgrade wordpress manually

Recently I upgraded wordpress from version 3.5.1 to 4.3.1. There are couple of ways you can upgrade wordpress and easiest one is do it using read more

Linux rsync tutorial

Rsync is a great tool to copy and sync directories and files across computers. It can also be used to manage source code and data read more

Custom terminal tab title and ssh on mac

In case you are using ssh private keys to connect to remote Linux servers on cloud, it is better to automation connection to various machines read more

How to include wordpress pages in archives

WordPress archives are very useful in providing users and search engine bots like Googlebot a great way to browse all content on a wordpress site. read more

How to add tag and category to wordpress pages

Using wordpress tag and category is a handy way to browse various posts by tag name. WordPress supports browsing all posts for a specific tag read more

How to use custom identity file with rsync on Linux

Rsync uses ssh to sync files between two machines and usually it will use default identity file present in ~/.ssh/ directory on Linux. In case read more

Find which process is listening on a port on Linux

Sometimes we need to find out what process is using or listening on a specific port on Linux machine. This can be fairly useful in read more

Use x2go to access remote Ubuntu Linux

X2Go enables you to access a graphical desktop of a computer over network. It is a remote desktop solution for Linux. In this article we read more

Edit a file without changing its timestamp on Linux

Usually anytime a file a edited, its timestamp is also changed. There are cases when you want to change the content of a file but read more

Linux file timestamps

Linux stores creation, modification and access file timestamp of a file. Here is brief definitions of these three timestamps: Creation, modification and access file timestamp

Find memcache request hit rate on linux command line

Memcached gives you stats like total hits so far and total miss. It can also tell you total uptime. This can be used to find read more

migrate multiple mysql databases using mysqldump on Linux

Sometimes we need to migrate all mysql databases to a new machine. This can be the case when you are migrating your multiple wordpress blogs read more

prevent wordpress xmlrpc.php attack

Sometimes you may see too many POST requests to xmlrpc.php in your apache access log. Large number of hits to xmlrpc.php can slow down your read more

Find recently modified files on Linux

There are times when we want to find recently modified files in a directory. We can use command line tool find on Linux or Mac read more

How to zip/unzip a directory with password

Zip and unzip utility can be used to compress a file or directory on Mac. These should also work on Ubuntu or other Linux flavours. read more

CSS menu using css pseudo element :hover

CSS hover pseudo element can be used to create simple menu without using any Javascript. This is achieved by making menu children visible when parent read more