HP 2515 printer review (deskjet ink advantage all-in-one)

Recently I bought HP 2515 deskjet ink advantage all-in-one printer. It can be pretty time consuming to find a suitable home printer for your needs. I’ll cover my experience of researching and buying a home use printer in this article.

Home printer – things to look for

  1. The price should be as low as possible.
  2. It should have scanner and copier.
  3. It should have flatbed scanner instead of sheetfed scanner. Sometimes documents get stuck in sheetbed scanner and its little risky to scan important documents on it.
  4. The refill cartridge should not be expensive (both color and black and white).
  5. Many times printer cartridge ink dries. So I wanted to avoid printer with only high capacity cartridges even if these are economical per print.
  6. The scanner should work even without cartridges. I believe this works in most printers.
  7. Black and white printing should work even if color cartridge is empty or missing. This is useful for people who don’t take too many color prints.

HP 2515 vs HP Deskjet 1050

There are couple of good printers of many brands in the market. I kept my research mostly on HP printers and these have easily available cheaper cartridges in Bangalore. I considered these two printers:

  1. HP 2515 Deskjet Ink advantage all-in-one printer
  2. HP Deskjet 1050 – J410a Multifunction Inkjet Printer.

The comparison table:

HP Deskjet 2515 vs HP Deskjet 1050
HP Deskjet 2515 HP Deskjet 1050
Price Approx Rs 5600 Approx Rs 3800
Cartridge Price HP 678 Black Ink Cartridge: Rs 450
Color: Rs 450
HP 802 Small Black Ink Cartridge: Rs 470
Color: Rs 675
Cartridge page yield Black:480
Color: 150
Color: 100


I decided to go with HP 2515 Deskjet Ink advantage all-in-one printer as it had cheaper cartridges with reasonably good capacity. I was also able to print with just black cartridge installed (and color cartridge slot being empty) using HP 2515 printer.

Unboxing video of HP 2515

Here is the unboxing video of HP 2515 deskjet printer.

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