Android Tutorials

Android – enable system ui tuner

System ui tuner can be enable to Android Marshmallow, Nougat or Orio. It lets us customize more system ui settings on Android e.g. status bar read more

How to take screenshot on android phone

Often we need to take screenshot of what is displayed on android phone. This can be used in many ways. E.g. to capture a web read more

Android chrome – create website bookmark on home screen

Opening a site by typing complete url can be pretty painful on a mobile device. On android it is pretty handy to create a website read more

How to clear default app on android

Android can set a default app for a certain file type or action (e.g. click on a url). When you click on a link for read more

How and why disable android auto update

Android default auto-update setting updates android applications whenever your mobile is on WiFi internet connection. While this may be a good thing for some people, read more

How to disable dropbox photo auto upload on mobile and desktop

Dropbox automatically upload you photos from your Android mobile to Dropbox account. This is a fairly handy feature if you have limited number of photos. read more

Android lollipop – add the clock widget to home screen

To add clock widget (analog or digital) on Android Lollipop, these steps can be followed. For Android other versions, instructions are slightly different. Touch an read more

How to enable Chrome tabs on Android Lollipop

In case you like Chrome tabs on Android and these are not enabled by default, you can enable these. Android Lollipop’s default settings have these read more