June 2013

Javascript in header vs footer

Javascript should be placed in footer of html document wherever possible. For libraries like jQuery we don’t often have a choice as there may be read more

How to include angularjs javascript in wordpress post

AngularJS is great framework for declaring dynamic views in HTML documents. To include AngularJS we just need to include the angularjs javascript file in the read more

How to include bootstrap javascript and css in wordpress post

Bootstrap is pretty handy javascript and css library/layer over jquery which provides many useful pre-built functionalities like responsive design, transitions, modals, buttons, etc. In case read more

How to use html pre tag to display code

Html pre tag can be used to display code on WordPress blog or any site. HTML pre tag represent preformatted text. Text within this element is read more

Meta robot noindex, follow for wordpress tags and category pages

In case you want search engines to either not index or not follow links on a page, you can use robot meta tag. The default read more

Internal vs external css

There are two ways to include a css on a site. In case you are using a wordpress site, many plugins involving frontend ui element read more

How embed youtube video slice (specific start and end time)

Youtube iframe video embed code can be used to embed a slice of a video using extra parameters start and end. These are the steps read more

How to create and embed youtube playlist

YouTube has pretty nice playlist feature with lots of powerful options. You can add multiple videos to a list and play them together on YouTube read more

Python selenium webdriver – quick start guide on Mac

Selenium is an excellent tool which automates browsers. One of the commonly approach is to use Selenium webdriver which has API in many languages like Python, Java, etc. This read more

How to create Linux instance on Amazon AWS/EC2 Classic

[Update: This article is for Amazon classic. For Amazon VPC instructions may be slightly different] One has to make couple of choices while installing Linux read more

How to use phantomjs to create site/url snapshot thumbnail

PhantomJS in a scriptable webkit written by Ariya Hidayat. Chrome and Safari are based on webkit. This is the formal definition as per the official site: PhantomJS is read more

How to hide a post from home and RSS feed in wordpress

Sometime we want to hide a post from wordpress home page. One not-so-good alternative is to create it as a page. One drawback of that read more

Vim mini cheat sheet – handy commands reference

I use vi quite frequently (Ubuntu/Centos Linux and Mac) for many of my editing needs in addition of couple of other editors (eclipse, intellij, etc). read more

How to capture php code or included file output in a variable

Sometimes we want to reuse a php function or include a file and want to capture  the output (from echo, print, etc.) of that function/file read more

WordPress SEO – beginner guide

Most of the SEO (Search engine optimization) can be done with very little effort. Ideally speaking there should not be too much effort in SEO read more

Mac brew (homebrew) – quick start guide

Many command line tools (e.g. wget, pstree) don’t come pre-installed on Mac. Homebrew is one of the easiest ways to install and manage these missing read more

How to use CasperJS to automate website testing

CasperJS is a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS, written in Javascript. Its a pretty handy utility to automate functional testing of a website. I’ll read more

How to write custom php in wordpress

If you are just writing text articles then you never need to write any custom php in wordpress. In case you want to write dynamic read more

Chrome memory usage – some tips to keep it under control

Google Chrome browser can take lot of computer memory specially when lots of tabs are used. To be able to use Chrome best it is read more

Jquery plugin – embedyt

Embedyt – a jquery plugin for embedding youtube video with lazy loading approach. How Jquery plugin – embedyt works It only loads one video image from read more

WordPress plugin – No frills social share links

No frills social share links plugin for wordpress. It is a wordpress plugin to display social share links on wordpress without including any javascript or css. read more

WordPress theme – Shell child colorful

Shell Child Colorful theme. It is a shell child theme with mostly css customization and few others. Installation of shell child colorful First download the shell-master theme read more

Software & Projects

How to setup wordpress custom query params with pretty url format

WordPress pages can handle query parameters in url in the traditional format of “key=value”. e.g. If you want to create a page to display details read more

How to display date in wordpress pages

The default Twenty Twelve theme which comes with wordpress and many other themes display creation date in wordpress posts but do not display any date read more