Facebook Tutorials

How to create facebook page username for vanity url

Facebook username for vanity url is the name you get for your page which appears after “https://www.facebook.com/”. Having a username for your page makes it easier read more

how to prevent a facebook app from posting on your wall

Often we install many facebook apps and later find out that these apps start posting to our wall without asking us. At the time of read more

How to use wordpress facebook plugin comments box with lazy loading

WordPress facebook plugin lets you embed facebook comment box in your posts and pages along with many other features. One biggest benefit of facebook comment box read more

How to delete facebook page

A facebook page can be deleted by the manager of the page. You can also unpublish a page which is a better option if you read more

How to create facebook app for using fbconnect for your website login

Using facebook login (fbconnect) on your website or blog requires you to create a facebook app and configure it with few details. The advantage of read more

Filing bug for facebook by app developer

Facebook has an interface to search existing open issues and file a new one if you can’t find the issue/bug which describe the problem faced read more