January 2013

How to allow mysql access on AWS/EC2 from a specific IP

If you have mysql server on AWS EC2 instances, you may need remote access to mysql server form a specific IP. Note that if you read more

How to create facebook app for using fbconnect for your website login

Using facebook login (fbconnect) on your website or blog requires you to create a facebook app and configure it with few details. The advantage of read more

How to remove a contact from browser gtalk frequent friend list

Often when you get an email from someone online Google gtalk (on mail.google.com) starts showing that contact in your frequent friends list. That increases the read more

List of mobile app/game development tools

List of some good tools to develop mobile games and apps on various platform. haxenme: Cross platform open source language. This is not as popular and read more

How to fix ipad2 home button unresponsiveness issue

My ipad2 home button was intermittently becoming unresponsive. Here are various things I tried after talking to Apple support and reading up various support threads. read more

Filing bug for facebook by app developer

Facebook has an interface to search existing open issues and file a new one if you can’t find the issue/bug which describe the problem faced read more

Getting started with wordpress and some useful plugins

There are multiple ways to install wordpress. I won’t go into that here. You can get some installation information here. Once you set it up read more

Using camtasia to generate screencast video on your computer

I found camtasia to be pretty powerful tool to generate screencast videos. I needed it to generate gameplay video of one of the app I read more

How to create vanity url for your channel in youtube

[Update: March 2016] This article is based on old YouTube UI/policies. For latest documentation, please visit Get a custom channel for your channel. These are read more