March 2013

How to use fitvids.js for automatically resizing videos

Fitvids (github link) is an open source javascript library built by Chris Coyier and Paravel which makes the width of videos in a web page fluid. To be read more

Javascript xss (cross site scripting) – How to prevent

Cross site scripting (XSS) happens when some input on a page (through GET or POST request) is not properly escaped before displaying. If that happens read more

How to switch back to old inline gmail compose window

Update: Google seems to have removed the option for old gmail inline compose interface. So you cannot switch to old gmail compose window. Gmail recently read more

How to use rsync for production release automation

Rsync can be used to automate the production releases for wordpress or any other site. I maintain two wordpress sites – one for development purpose and one read more

How to log page latency and url host in apache log

Apache log can give you lot of insight into the performance of your site. The default configuration of apache does not log the page serving read more

How to create simple animation using Inkscape and Jquery

A quick tutorial to show how to use layers in Inkscape to generate image frame and use Jquery to create a simple animation. Inkscape layers read more

How to create a logo using Inkscape

It is a quick tutorial on creating a very simple svg (scalable vector graphics) logo using Inkscape and then later export it to png format. read more

Comic strip – Tech CEO vs MLM Executive

How to handle permanent redirects in wordpress

There are multiple options available to handle redirects in wordpress. A redirect is a way to tell the users and search engines that a page read more

Comic strip – developer should not listen to CEO

WordPress – how to display code from a file in textarea

Using textarea in wordpress can cause lot of issues as wordpress automatically converts newlines to line-break (<br>) and paragraph (<p>) tags. Often switching from text to read more

How to use google custom search for wordpress site

WordPress comes with a default search which searches posts and pages from your site. It works pretty decent. Here is why you should consider switching read more

Online tools to create comic strips

Comic strips are fun way to add humour and communicate an idea faster to the readers. There are many tools to generate comic strips with read more

Comic strip – php to ruby on rails migration

Comic strip – Entrepreneur and passion

Should I block Googlebot from crawling javascript and css?

I noticed that google bot is crawling javascript and css regularly from by wordpress blog site. Here are some entries from my apache log: read more

Screenflow 4 export options

Screenflow 4 (I’m using 4.0.2 version to be precise) lets you export your screencast to mp4 format which you can upload to youtube and may read more

No frills social share links for WordPress sites

There are many plugins available for WordPress which lets visitors share the post or current page on various social networking sites like Google Plus, Facebook, read more

WordPress multisite network vs normal installation

When it is required to have more than one wordpress installations it can get little tricky. There are multiple way to do that. Do multiple read more

How to automate wordpress sandbox setup on Linux

Maintaining a wordpress site can be pretty involving task specially when you have so many plugins with regular updates. Many time you have to experiment new plugins, read more

SVG – beginner tutorial

Scalable Vector graphics is getting more popularity in online world as more and more browsers support svg now. Most images we see on web (.png, read more

SVG – Scalable vector graphics – online sandbox

SVG hello world tutorial which creates a small icon.   Rendered SVG Image from above code Loading…  

Some lessons and humour on entrepreneurship

I have been an entrepreneur for little less than a year now. It has been quite interesting experience so far. I’ll cover some learnings during read more

Tips on improving the performance of your WordPress blog or site

WordPress is a great blogging platform and there are plugins for pretty much everything you need. But with too many plugins it affects the performance read more

How to install wordpress on Amazon AWS-EC2 Classic Ubuntu Linux micro instance

[Update: This post is applicable for Amazon classic infrastructure. Now you should use Amazon VPC infrastructure and steps may be slightly different. We’ll soon write read more

How to set up google analytics profiles for domain and sub-domain tracking

[Update Feb, 2016: This article is based on old version of Google analytics and is now deprecated. Please visit Google cross domain tracking page for read more

My ip address

My browser headers

www vs non-www domain which is better for your site?

I have been doing some research on whether to use www or not in domain of the urls of the site. If you setup wordpress read more

Using python to analyze bots from apache logs

Apache logs contains pretty useful information about various visitors and bots coming to your site. Here is how a typical apache log entry looks like: read more

Url encode decode online tool

To encode url/uri text enter it in Decoded textbox and encoded value will appear in other textbox. To decode url/uri text enter it in Encoded read more

How to prevent your test blog from google crawling but show adsense ads

I guess most of us maintain a test or sandbox blog to try out new plugins and do experiments which we can’t afford on main read more

Online robots.txt check

In case you are writing robots.txt and want to test it for a specific crawler/bot/user-agent, you can use this tool to test it.

Online Tools

Github tutorial for beginners

Using git/github may look like a daunting task but once you set it up, it is not that difficult. Here are quick steps to get read more

How to change twitter handle and its impact on traffic

Twitter allows you to change the twitter handle (or username) anytime. This option comes on account page (  as shown below.The new user has to read more

How to delete facebook page

A facebook page can be deleted by the manager of the page. You can also unpublish a page which is a better option if you read more

Some gmail advanced search tips

Some gmail advanced search tips which can be useful if you are heavy gmail user. File all unread messages in inbox is:unread in:inbox Find a read more

How to fix mysql service stopping intermittently on AWS micro instance

I was having this problem since last few days. My mysql server was getting killed on its own on aws/ec2 micro instance. So far I read more

How to check the performance of a plugin using mysql query log

Installing too many plugins can hurt wordpress blog performance as plugins may lead to more queries. One quick way to check the impact of a read more

WordPress themes for beginners worth considering

I have been looking at many free and paid wordpress themes since I started blogging. There are some pretty good themes out there for you read more

How to enable youtube monetization and link to adsense account

YouTube has a partner program where video creators can monetize their videos using google monetization program. Your videos must adhere to Google guidelines and should read more