May 2013

Preview popular fonts in browser


Web fonts – beginner’s survival guide to web typography

There are lots of fonts available which can be used when you are designing a web site. There is no strict rule on choice of read more

Using JSLint on command line on Ubuntu linux – quick start guide

Sometimes javascript is developed and tested by pushing it to the website and then checking if it is working in browser as intended. If your read more

Logo creation high level checklist

Every site needs a logo and many times we end up changing logo multiple times for a site. There are multiple online services which lets read more

PHP preg_replace – dot all (PCRE_DOTALL) example – sandbox

HP preg_replace example for dot all (PCRE_DOTALL) match. By default dot does not match newline char. When we specify dot all (using “s” regex modifier read more

PHP preg_replace – back reference within pattern example – sandbox

PHP preg_replace example for back reference within pattern. Here the match is grouped using parentheses and that group is accessed using backslash followed by the read more

PHP preg_replace – optional character group regex example – sandbox

PHP preg_replace example for optional char group match. Here the regular expression (regex) pattern contains optional character group enclosed within parentheses and followed by questiom read more

PHP preg_replace – optional one character regex example – sandbox

PHP preg_replace example for optional one char match. Here the regular expression (regex) pattern contains question mark (“?”) and the char precedded by “?” is read more

Cross browser site testing – what browsers to cover

Cross browser development and testing is very important to any web based tool or site. There are so many web browsers like Google chrome, Firefox, read more

Mailchimp lightweight subscription form code

If you are using mailchimp for managing your newsletter campaigns, then you can either use a link to mailchimp site or use subscription form directly read more

PHP preg_replace – test regex online

preg_replace usage PHP regular expression search replace usage $replaced_content = preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $content [, int $limit = -1 [, int &$count]]) Notes on preg_replace behavior read more

HTTP cookie and sub domains

When a cookie is set from a webserver, it can be for a specific domain or for a domain and all its subdomain. This article read more

Embed youtube video with javascript on-click lazy loading approach

Embedding youtube video using the default iframe code fetches couple of files and makes the page load little slower for the end user. Many users read more

HP 2515 printer review (deskjet ink advantage all-in-one)

Recently I bought HP 2515 deskjet ink advantage all-in-one printer. It can be pretty time consuming to find a suitable home printer for your needs. I’ll read more

Run Internet Explorer (IE) on Mac using VirtualBox and ievms script

For people who use Macbook as their primary machine, testing a site on Internet explorer (IE8, IE9, IE10) can be really painful. If you want read more

How to Preload cache in wordpress on Linux

I’m using memcache with w3c total cache plugin to cache pages on my wordpress site on Ubuntu Linux. The way it works is whenever someone read more

How to upgrade EC2 Ubuntu Linux micro instance to small

I was running my wordpress site on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu micro instance and it was performing pretty good. Even though I did not see any read more

PHP apc – setup and performance benchmarks on Ubuntu Linux

APC (Alternative php cache) is opcode and object cache for php. It caches the php bytecode on first execution of a php script which increases read more

Ubuntu – dpkg and apt-get beginner tutorial

Installing and managing packages is the first thing you do when you use any Linux system. It takes a while to get hang of it read more

How to install and monitor memcache for php on Ubuntu Linux

Memcache is one of the most popular distributed memory based cache system. It can give excellent performance results if configured correctly. Its a good idea read more

Php apc vs memcache

When you are running a site in php (wordpress or non-wordpress), there are two popular options for in-memory cache. APC (Alternative PHP cache): Opcode and read more

Handle XSS restriction using different domain for user entered javascript

Under normal circumstance we disallow any javascript to be executed from the user entered input as it can lead to cross site scripting (xss) problems. read more

How to bypass cross site scripting (XSS) protection by browsers

Cross site scripting (XSS) protection is handled by many browsers. I was able to test it in Google Chrome and IE (IE 8 and higher). read more

Online HTML-Javascript-CSS Sandbox

Few points related to Implementation The code is executed in an iframe. Hence there is no mix up with current page css or javascript. The read more

How to undo HTTP 301 site/domain redirect

In case you have moved a site to new domain and set all the HTTP 301 redirects (HTTP permanent redirects), then user who visits your read more

How to display wordpress page list with specific custom field value

WordPress lets you display a list of pages as links with many customizations. You can use wp_list_pages or get_pages to display or get list of pages. read more

How to setup MailChimp Rss email campaign

MailChimp can be used to setup email campaign and send a regular email newsletter to all the email address in a list. Most common use read more

How to setup MailChimp email list

MailChimp is very popular tool to manage email campaigns/newsletters. The first step in setting up any campaign or newsletter is to create an email list read more

Google feedburner email subscription vs Mailchimp

Google feedburner offers an email subscription to your feeds. So far I was using that. Mailchimp is one of the most popular email list management read more

How to setup Google feedburner email subscription newsletter

If you are using Google feedburner for rss feeds, you can setup feedburner email subscription newsletter within few minutes. I have been using it for quite read more

how to use netcat (nc) to test HTTP url redirection

Netcat (nc) is pretty powerful command line tool on Linux & Mac and can be used to send data on network. It can be quickly read more

How to redirect wordpress feed to feedburner feed url

If you have been using wordpress for directly serving rss feed and have recently migrated to feedburner, then some of your users are still being read more

How to view flash debug log using Firefox on Mac

Adobe has a debug version of flash player which lets you view the flash log messages when you run a flash file in your browser read more